2012 secrets

As some people know by the end of summer or the beginning of fall the stock market going to suffer a great depression much like the 1929 one but this time worst because it was plan by the bankers who run this country and its being set up to cuz ww3 and when that do happen we going to see crime rapidly increasing and so many people will die of hunger suicide and lets be honest here we the people need to wake up and see whats happening in front of our face now im taking a big risk just taljing bout it because anybody who do later in time get involve n they going to try to silence you. And another thing is they getting ready for martial law that means thats every city in the united states going to have 40,000 troops patrolling the streets and they going to set up checkpoints to and the purpose of it is to try to get every body ready. They started taking guns “gun-control” being the name n so many have underground bunkers filled with guns ladies and gentlemen im bot saying thars the only way to handle it but keep in mind they wont be asking questions wen they come for you and your children


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