The government is not what most people think it is its all about $$$$$$$$$$ they will kill thousands even billions of people to get their one world government and the way that works is that they going to have to disarm every Americans thats a treat to their evil plan to take over and turn us into slaves of the new world order. Ladies and gentleman they will not stop they can not stop or else they are going to br put in jail OBAMA has capture to nations attention by possing as a Christian but the truth is he’s anti-Chris and the people who fund him are also anti-christ and they want power and control over us and our future generation and we are fallen right into their trap GOD HELP US these people are sick people devil worshippers and they want your soul my soul WE CAN STOP THEM AS A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHOS WAKING UP FROM THE POISONING SLEEP and god knows we will defeat them evil scum OUR COUNTRY IS RUN BY FOREIGN BANKERS THEY CONTROL OUR FOOD MEDICAL OUR EDUCATION AND MOST OF EVERY THING they are poisoning us by our water food tv and music…..and they doing a damn good job at it……this is Peterson merant bringing the truth from backed up research


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