Obama say he want war

Obama is anti-christ and will do anything he’s told by the globalist and thats where the depression comes in he want oeople to starve and kill each other for foid and thats wat the glibalist want us to do kill each other tgey wanna depopulate anyway why not help them? We wont cuz its freaking demonic and if you dnt stand up to these demons we are all screwed



God has blessed me with the ability to SEE through SMOKE and MIRRORS.

I know major political players have read what I have written.

But, even I get a shock now and then.

Click here and then click on the ‘timeline tab.’

Note the SPIKE IN SPENDING on democracy advocacy around the world.

A government official told me we were not spending this kind of money ….

Politics in democracy advocacy.

Another blog on Egypt.

Should we the American people be involved in over-throwing governments around the world?

Was Obama sending a message when he spoke in Egypt? Did he hint that he was increasing spending (more than double?)


Why do we want wars around the world?

Why did a government employee tell me that we are doing this because this is “good for business?”

Why is “‘war’ ‘good for business?'”

Why is it good to kill Americans…

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