A set of my thought

Alot of people believe if you put your mind into something and going at it everyday will eventually paid off well I believe if you put your mind to something and everyday you go at it in you do whatever it takes just for you to complete the goal in your head then you know exactly what you’re doing because a lot of these things nowadays focus on your brain to keep you from doing what you thank you want to do instead they give you a way to commit self destruction what I’m really trying to say is this sometimes your brain gives you hint on what’s really important but when you got such government overloading the entertainment area with such content that poison your mind and keep you dull n zombie like then you not fulfilling your destiny’s goal….that zombie thing brought me to daying this “BATH SALT DID NOT CAUSE THE ZOMBIE ATTACK IN MIAMI ITS A VIRUS THAT VERY FEW PEOPLE WILL GET N WILL CAUSE A CORRUPTION TO GET THEIR MARTIAL LAW PLUS IT WAS AN ADVERTISEMENT TO PROMOTE THEIR NEW DRUG…..ITS SLL A SCAM SND FRAUD ……n we’re falling right in their psychotic game.


2 Responses to “A set of my thought”

  1. Sir I think you are insane the government loves us and want to keep us safe

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