Evil world

“Ladies and gentleman we do live in a evil twisted world” our mind govern our words sculpted n our soul poisoned. Everyday we face millions of ways to get sucked in darkness only the strong minded knows and are aware of such evil.. we see many ways to get sunked into such darkness n most of us are sleeping to the point where we just except it and act like its normal well im here to tell you if you think thats normal then you’re far from being awake and is very deep in that hole..for example our mighty media is filled with satanic movies, shows, music and our third eye is so close that we dnt even know it …..such rappers like lil wayne, jay z, kanye west, rick ross, diddy , just to name a few well these rappers are the devils main demons hidding secret messages and future events deep into their songs which can be heard if you play some songs backwards snd thats only one of the ways they do such of such….another way is through sound affects such as gun sounds which is =killing n thats=evil……they all have an agenda n thats to destroy you physicaly and mentally…BE SMART


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