Imagine the N.W.O

Many people have a hard time believing rather there is a secret society that controls the world (Rothschilds). Well its as real as the eyes in your head, you see we don’t learn this kind of things in school. Ask yourself why not?, that’s because the people who makes the history books and every other subjects there is also controls the news, and all the aspects of media and believe it or not there’s a war going on for your mind people from all over the country are being put in jail just because they decided to expose the wrongness of the government. And some states are even putting people in jail for collecting the own rain water that falls on their own property and for growing gardens in front of their yard and back yards, even this one lady in Oregon was put in jail for hosting a Bible study at her house do your research. Soon books are going to be a illegal so you better start reading before they make that happen because they working on it right now believe me. We are so blinded by technology in the fast growing mass media to the point were such important events are happening and we won’t hear about it because we’re too stuck on the phone texting and watching TV and believe me TV is for mind programing, these people are so evil and smart that they plan their own agenda to destroy America and society then pose as heroes to the Make us more dependent on them and to trick us into giving them all of our freedoms and Liberty. They’re working fast fast fast and if we don’t realize that sooner or later we’re going to give up and we are going to be back in the days as slaves except this time its not going to be just black people its going to be all race and the only people who’s going to have freedom is the rich people believe me only the rich people. So PEOPLE EDUCATE YOURSELF AND BE READY TO FIGHT AND BE READY TO GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY.


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