Right is wrong-wrong is right?

As the u.s shift towards a third world country a Senator from Romney’s party stated that “rape isn’t bad because the female body have ways to fight it and the female wouldn’t get pregnant. And he claims it’s different because it’s not between the two sex, who agreed on doing so and if they agreed on during so thats when she gets pregnant. Do you see what they preparing us for? They are set to practice us to believe what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. They already pre-picked the next president, people are so trapped in a state of mind where they accept what ever thr government tells them. Well “NOT” me my eyes are open to the truth, my head is clear and everyone who tries to expose the government of wrong doing they either dies or get destroyed by the media, that’s what happens to anyone who tries to open the eyes and mind of people who are mind-blocked by these elites and are blind to see the truth. Take dave chappelle for example he was offered a $50 million dollar deal to continue the dave chappelle show but he saw the real agenda behind the money so he denied the deal and what happened?, they labeled him crazy,insane and all kinds of names to the point where he left America and went to Africa “as he said “HOME” well thats because that money he was offered was for his soul, thats how you see guys in the movies dressed up as females and do homosexual things in movies because to make it big in Hollywood you have to sell your soul and become a homosexual. That’s one way of giving in to the santanic rituals and anti-christ doing. That’s a way of excepting the “mark of the beast”. So look into the mirror and find your soul and never let it go except to GOD.


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