The forgotten presidents

Ask everyone “who was the first president of the united states? And they’ll quick to answer George Washington. Well yes and no, you see the united states of America had 14 presidents before George Washington, i know some of you thinking “this guy’s crazy but before you do that let me explain. George Washington was the first president of the united states under the current constitution, the president before him was considered head chiefs of the government. George Washington led the seventeenth administration. The government had functioned as a federate nation. These are the presidents before him- peyton Randolph of Virginia(1723-1775), Henry Middleton(1717-1784), john Hancock(1737-1793), Henry Laurens(1724-1792), john Jay(1745-1829) America’s first secretary of state, Samuel Huntington(1732-1796), Thomas mckean(1734-1817), john Hanson(1715-1783), Ellias Boudinot(1741-1802), Thomas mifflin(1744-1800), Richard Henry Lee(1732-1794), Nathaniel Gorham(1738-1796), Arthur St. Clair(1734-1818), Cyrus Griffin(1736-1796), these we’re the father’s before George Washington, understand history then you’ll understand the present and future.


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