People The information i bring to you all i didn’t make them up, i simply took a step and viewed the world as for what its really is and that’s evil. Now dont get me wrong there’s still good people in this world, but there’s those evil corporate guys sitting in big offices making decisions that ruins people’s life, people like you and i. I took the time and did research, i read books on history and politics and by putting those pieces together and came up with my conclusion. You all can make a difference if you just put your mind into it and by not seating in front of the tv and be programmed. Everything you need to know about government and how they work is on a book shelf somewhere i guarantee you that reading a book is totally different front searching the computer because “THEY” csn always go back and twist it and make you believe lies. The difference is that the book was written by someone who realized what really was and saw past the illusion and decided to put it on paper the wrongness and evil of government. Im considering on writting one myself about government deceptions and their plan to take your mind away from you and by programming you into a Cyborg. People we are govern, we are watched, we are listened to, by men we never heard of even thought ever existed but bottom line is these people would not stop until they have our children and grandchildren mind and soul, they are evil and anti Christ.


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