As history go by repeating itself over and over again these people fail to notice that sometimes its not always a smart move to send us to war but that’s exactly what happen everytime, the reason for that is because these people (bankers) profit from that the same people fund 1 side to buy weapons of mass destruction is the same people that fund the other side because of the extra money to get out of it. So when we talk about history repeating itself over and over I’m saying that these people know the result, they know Millions will die, kids in that country are being killed they know the chemicals they put in the weapons is a given these kids in Iraq and Syria and Iran diseases, but they don’t care about that because they still making money and that’s all that’s important to these people. They don’t care if hundreds of thousands dies, they just want the Benjamins. So as long as we have a two set parties our country will always pay the price of bad and evil leadership, and they do sell us out and cheat us over our freedom when they claim this is a free country while we losing that each day we wake up so we do need to open our mind and think, we have to think for ourself turn off the TV for one week and read a book I guarantee you’ll notice a difference.


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