Illegal secret surveillance

In November 2001, the national security agency began illegal intercepting Americans “phone calls and emails without warrants or suspicion of wrongdoing. In 2008, Congress amended the foreign intelligence surveillance act [fisa], rubber-stamping this warrantless wiretapping program and giving the NSA power to conduct dragnet surveillance of Americans international communications. [1] its exactly whay the founding fathers never wanted.” [2] everyday, the nsa intercepts and stores 1.7 billion emails, phone calls, texts, and other electronic communications. [3] thats equivalent to 138 million books, every 24 hours.  [4] Americans private data-NSA data center- u.s capital. The nsa has dozen of facilities around the globe. The new nsa center in Utah alone is 5.7 times the size of the u.d capital. In addition to legalize President Bush warrantless wiretapping program, the 2008 fisa amendments act gave telecommunications companies retroactive immunity for disclosing Americans communications. [5] the NSA has as many employees as the CIA and FBI combined. [6] FBI officials complained privately that they were forced to chase many hundreds of NSA- generated heads that often seemed to wind up with the pizza delivering man NYT reported. [7]committees about surveillance under the amended law, intelligence officials admitted the agency had been engaged in “significant and systemic” over collection of Americans domestic communications. [8] government reports confirms that the NSA has vialeted FISA, but the NSA refuses to release information about these abuses.


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