Young blood

Young blood what do you know?’
Chamtrail in the sky go hit the door
They say it’s our own kind that we should fear
But its the white men that’s sellin the dough
The tv on 2,4,7
But what am i doing is what you should be askin
THEY got a plan for world reduction
But listen closely before you self-destruction
I have a dream is what he once said
THEY killed em cold blooded’ why no one was there?
So ask yourself is your third eye open?
Before you cant think cuz your mind is dumbing’
Now let’s go back to 1996
They murdered that mab cuz he yelled f*** 666
They practiced your mind for a new world order
And when THEY come get you boy you gon suffer
Let’s wrap ip up cuz now i have to go
And when THEY get near you better have that 4’4.


2 Responses to “Young blood”

  1. Yung Poet real nigga

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