If i die tonight

If i die tonight remember me as a man of hope, a man that was in the battle for not only liberty but also human right. I face everyday trouble just as everybody but the trick is to never lose hope and also keep your sense of humor because even though we go through all this bullshit you have to keep smiling and try to keep a smile on someone else’s face because at times when you feel low and dont feel like moving on someone else might be the one that uplift your spirit. We live in a society where it’s easy to lose faith but hard to love because we’re a evil nation and a greedy nation also. We have a government who go to other countries and kill for things that those countries have that they want and they don’t care how many dies because at the end of the day only one thing that moves the world and that’s MONEY and without it you mean nothing to this society, well at least in the eyes of these people. So if i die tonight remember me as a brave soul who tried bringing you this message it’s up to you to do what you will with it AND ALSO EDUCATE YOURSELF OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL FOR MOST THINGS AREN’T TEACHED IN A CLASSROOM.


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