Dear Society

We live in a society today where we completely lost the true meaning of living think about it, humanity was born with bad and good, i believe we have good and bad in ourselves even if we try to ignore that bad side we can’t completely kill it. So that’s why i can’t agree with the bible. Even as a little kid you know not to kill your parents because it’s something that’s in your essent, so when you have many different religions telling people what to believe it causes confusion and people need to realize that because if they don’t it’s going to fuck with their heads and that’s when people start ls to question if theirs a god or not, because that do happens. Yoy have these churches that be taking up a whole street block and claims that they are serving god preaching his words and there are homeless hungry people in the streets. Why they not lettijg thek sleep in these big ass churches if they are the houses of the lord. All that money they be collecting in these “so-called” place of god, why they not going out and feed these hungry people that makes no sense. And you got these kids mind that are beijg trained to accept bullshit at a young age liie why the hell they put letters in math? You got these blind minded teachers teaching x+y= like wow really? Are you that much asleep to not realize that “they” are doing this only to dumb down each generation to be able to put bullshit lies in their brains and make them slaves to these god wanna be devil worshippers. All the bullshit history books are crap lies, because i don’t believe these muthafuckas went to the moon


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