Is it a trap to go to jail? i mean think about it, you get arrested and go to jail now the whole time you’re in there all you’re probably thinking about is when am I going to get out this hell hole, but the truth is that’s probably what everyone in there thinking, but here’s the tricky part, let’s say your a felon and you served your time and all you want to do is get out to finally go see your love ones ok we got that down. Fast foward. Your a free man but you got no job, no money and the jobs available won’t hire you because you was a convicted felon, now what can you do? Either you have someone you know who’s willing to hire this fresh out of jail convict or you have to rely on what got you to jail in the first place I meant that’s the secret everyone are so blinded to see. Minimum wage is not enough to live on let’s be honest here, so you go out and you HUSTLE, you get in trouble go to jail, served your time and come out, now you can’t get hired so you go back to hustling. Now its a cycle, have you ever heard the term what goes around comes around? Well its true because if you get caught your back in and its for a much longer time being your second conviction. They know that that’s why all you hear on tv is say no to drugs ignoring the fact that its the only thing that’s always hiring and most people have to rely on this just to get food in their stomach and its fucked up because you have this guys on wall_street who’s working with these law making asswhips and all they care about is keeping the poor poor, the middle class poorer each year and their rich friends richer. It’s all jacked up people and many of us get too comfortable poor that we just don’t want to do nothing about it….and I’m sorry to say IT’S JUST SAD


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