Funny thing is

Funny thing is that not everyone can become president. Why because unless you have 500 million to buy the election then your shit out of luck.

Funny thing is the biggest drug dealers on earth are those who’s calling their self leaders of the free world a.k.a presidents, congress mans, government and so on, don’t believe me just ask freeway rick Ross who’s top dope dealer was the CIA, just ask.

Funny thing is college don’t mean your going to be successful even if you graduate top of your class.

Funny thing is your most likely going to work for the system for minimum pay and you don’t even know it (laughs) but its true.

Funny thing is everyone in history who ever tried to make a difference in society either caught a bullet, went missing, car blew up or simply announced dead no one knows how you died.

(Funny thing is I might be one of those people one day. )


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