My mind’

I guarantee you if you stepped into my mind you’re either going to see the world for what it truly is or your going to commit suicide yup suicide gun to the head click clack blaow. I mean I don’t think people really understand how they got to the point they at in their lives because since the beginning of time it was plotted for us to be where we at, sounds crazy but its true. Don’t even bring up that our president is black because if some people knock on your door with 500 million dollars and say were going to make you the next president of the US and all you had to do is do what they say I bet you’ll quick to say yes, its because you thought of that sweet power you’ll have and you wouldn’t care about whipping out countries just because your masters command you too. Let’s face it if you stepped into my mind what you would see would shape your whole life from that moment on. I promise you..


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