These churches”

I’m sorry but a lot of you not going to agree with me when i say this but “i don’t agree with these churches at all” why? because they say these churches are the house of GOD but, are they really? i mean if they are really the house the LORD, then why do we still have homelessness? shouldn’t they let these homeless people sleep in these churches since they are the house of the lord, right? because I’m sure GOD wouldn’t have a problem with these people sleeping at his house since he is the father of all men. correct me if I’m wrong but where do all that money they be collecting inside these churches? Ive never seen them outside feeding these homeless people or at least put all that money they be collecting into building a house for these people to stay because I’m sure if they wanted to a big percentage of these homeless people would just decrease tremendously. don’t get it twisted i mean I’m not bashing on these churches, no scratch that i am because its wrong what they are doing using GOD as a way to put money in their pocket by lying to these masses of people and that’s really fucked up.


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