Being human’

What does it mean to be human? Many of us have different answers to that question, but what’s yours?. To me being human is to be able to smile,cry,live,love, and to experience, I mean what would we be without these emotions? Nothing but an empty walking lump of blood and flesh talking. But being human is to live life bad or good and no matter how hard things get no matter how many times people hurt you we have to keep our sense of humor and I for one can write a whole book on how life is messed up trust me I should know because even the only person that was supposed to be there for me kicked me out knowing I had no where else to go and I’m being for real that was a big fuck you to the face, but even though I’m still trying to learn to forgive I didn’t let that stop me from growing as a person or kept me from living life because if I did then would I really be human?, I mean think about all the wrong life has done to you, now picture if you would of stop living your life and just moan on the bad and now picture how your life would of turned out, I’m sure you wouldn’t be with that beautiful girl of your dream or exploring the world learning and experiencing new things. So when someone ask you what it means to be human what would you tell them?


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