Wow, where should i begin? like that right there (Betrayal) should be the main topic of the year because i guarantee you everyone can write a book on that word right there (Betrayal). Everyone got fucked over this year and lets be honest everyone is going to keep getting fucked over because we still trusting the same people who did us wrong last year and the year before that, let’s face it we forget too easily and we go back to doing the same thing we was doing last year that got you fucked up and that’s fucked up. I’m not saying we should drop our best friend because they did something wrong no I’m simply saying to think twice of who we trust and who we let get close to us, I for one just started learning how to really see who’s going to truly be there for or who’s just there for a temporary ride to either be fake or they want something from you, I’m not perfect but at least I’m trying and to be honest I think I’m on my way……ARE YOU?


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