why do people lie?

why do people lie?, many have asked this question but can’t seem to really find the answer, I mean why do tell someone something in other to cover up something else?, I don’t completely know the answer to it but who does. I’m going to try my best to explain why people lie in an effort to give an idea of how I view the world and deception. First off lets start off by me saying I’m saying its good to lie I’m just pointing out the reasons of why people lie, lets say you have a wife and your wife doesn’t approve of you going out every Friday night with the guys instead she want you to stay in and watch a movie and cuddle with her but your idea of a fun night out doesn’t include those things, so what you do? you lie to her and say its George birthday and you promised him you’d be there for him so now she home thinking you at George house while you in K.O.D throwing dollar bills at strippers, now she home nearly all night Alone and when you finally decided to come home at 4 in the mourning she asked you where you been, you reply I was at George and you lost track if time so that’s why you’re coming in at 4 in the mourning. Now don’t get me wrong she’s definitely having some thoughts running through her mind and trust me they’re not good but you don’t care about that because you’re still drunk from pouring shits of vodka down your throat and even though you know she’s going to try to talk about it in the mourning you just going to brush her off and say she’s a nagg but the truth of the reality is thst your probably going to come up with another lie to cover the last one so the cycle goes on and on and on till she finally catch you in a lie and now your wondering where everything went wrong forgetting that it was you who became bob the lying prick. So I asked myself and you the audience WHY DO PEOPLE LIE? its simple people lie to ignore looking stupid and embarrassed in front of others when the truth is a lie will only get you deeper into more lies and the truth will never be easy but it’d set you free, maybe not at the exact moment but it’d come sooner or later. So please people learn to tell the truth, now if only the government had ears to listen but who am I kidding they still going to continue lying to us and we have no way of getting the truth except……..to be continued huh


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