the 1% that control 40% of the world wealth!!!

is it fair that 40% of the world wealth is controlled by the 1% of the population?, I’m not going to answer that because the answer should be obvious. we in a world where money make everything go around and those who got it spits in the face of the middle class and rlday by day create laws to make them and their friends richer and the middle class poorer, how did it get to that place? well since the beginning of time its been a plot to take the wealth from the majority, why? because when you control the money you control everything else its that simple. so now let get to the point, the point is that the only way people can help get out of that is to own their own business and work your ass off to make sure you succeed and not work for minimum wage like the 99% of the population who’s working for some business owner they never met in they life because I learn 1 thing that I will forever remember…..THE WORLD ONLY HAVE TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE, THE OWNERS AND THE RENTERS…..where will you stand?


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